Soundtracks – discography

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Digital high resolution audio format only:

As Time Goes By (sleeve)  buy-button

La Casa Dei Bambini (sleeve) web  buy-button

Sono Cosa Nostra sleeve  buy-button

Mater matera sleeve  buy-button

IMG_1247  buy-button

La Luce Dei Crociati (sleeve) web buy-button

Tre Volte Gerusalemme sleeve web  buy-button

Costantino sleeve web buy-button

Donne Di Mafia sleeve buy-button

CD and digital high resolution audio format:

Viva Sarajevo (front)  buy-button

Gesù E La Maddalena (front)  buy-button

praga-berlino CD promo (front)  buy-button

la santa - mediterraneo front  buy-button

front cd  buy-button

tessere di pace-verso il santo sepolcro front  buy-button